Information for a digital nation!

eBooks, and in fact any form of electronic text, is now very normal in our modern world; Phones, Newspapers, Letters, Magazines, Comics, Books, all these are becoming a thing of the past, at least in the traditional form. Now we have iPhones, Blogs, RSS feeds, emails, websites, and on the top of this we are finally starting out on our discovery of these new-fangled things called eBooks - okay, so they’ve been around for a while, but they’re still not yet in every household.

As is always the case with these new technologies, there are many new challenges for consumers - never mind the challenges for designers and digital content creators. Because we all have to face these challenges I decided to establish this website in the hope of informing and helping.

Hopefully I can help you better decide which eBook reading device most suits you, find the best places to buy eBooks from, download free titles, and understand the technology that goes on ‘behind the scenes’. Or, if you’re just curious, you can tune in for all the latest gossip out there in the eBook universe!

Although the main focus of this site is on the UK, I will be reporting on news from all corners of the world.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Cook