Welcome to eBook News

22 August 2008

Over the last few years eBooks have been gaining great traction over in the U.S., now finally in the UK, eBooks are also starting to enter the mainstream market - mainly due to one particular milestone...

From September 2008 the UK will have their very own eBook Reader, the Sony PRS-505 Digital Book Reader. Sony have partnered with the Waterstones book store, who will sell the eBook Reader in-store while also providing a catalogue of over 25,000 eBooks for download. There will also be tens of thousands of eBooks available from the Sony book store along with a number of other commercial and free eBook sites to be found around the internet.

2008 also saw the introduction of the Apple iPhone, which has several eBook applications for reading both free and commercial eBooks.

Although there are many U.S. eBook centric websites, there really isn't anything for the British eBook lover. So welcome to eBookNews.co.uk, a new blog to help all of us keep up with eBook related news.

I will be reporting on all the most recent eBook news and any of its related technologies. From hearing about the latest eBook gadget to learning more about the technologies behind eBooks to finding out where you can download all those free titles.

I hope you will find the information I present here useful and enjoyable. Please stop by regularly and feel free to comment at any time on the topics I will be posting about.